Summer in Moab

Summer is here in full force, and midday temps are hot! Sunrise photography is still cool, and the landscapes are great. We’ve been starting our Sunset Tours a little later to let things cool off before going out, and we’re staying out later and doing some night landscapes with light-painting. Everyone seems to enjoy learning the technique. The very photogenic Collared Lizards and Leopard Lizards are commonly seen now, and we’ve gotten some great shots of some who’ve been pretty cooperative subjects, at least, as cooperative as lizards get.

As we move closer to the ‘monsoon season’ (a relative term in the desert) we’re getting some great afternoon cloud formations that really add a lot to any landscape shot. Learning to do panoramas has also been very popular. The newest version of Photoshop (CS3) has a much-improved panoramic stitcher than previous versions of P-shop. It is well worth the upgrade.

A hike up to the Anasazi granary on Aztec Butte in Canyonlands yielded a particularly beautiful shot. It’s in the Canyonlands Gallery on page 2. It is only possible to get this one around the summer solstice because the arches next to the ruin cast shadows over it most of the year. The bad part is hiking up the steep climb to it on Summer Solstice! It was worth the effort, but it was really an effort. It’s a hike only for those with good knees and sound hearts.